Simple login.

From a single user interface, users can invoke global admin, officer/receptionist, and kiosk system tasks, launch check-in workflows for many user types including visitors, guests, vendors, and employees.

Check-ins are managed as a location event.

Each event can be defined as an officer/reception or kiosk mode. Event’s are simple to setup, including adding location details, required documents, and setting the appropriate options.

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Simple user check-ins and registration.

Data collection can be done manually or by several robust ID scanning methods. For visitor lobby management, employee look up and notifications can be done seamlessly. Badges can be printed immediately upon check-in if needed.

Provide required forms.

i-checkin checks and provides required documentation if needed such as privacy notices and non-disclosure forms and collects appropriate signatures. Once the person has completed the registrations, copies of their signed documents are sent to their provided email address.

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Simple global administration.

The Admin Mode provides the ability for the Admin or SOC Team to view activity going on at each event, collect reports, pre-register people for events, add users to the system, monitor sync jobs, and configure settings. Information is summarized in graphical dashboards.



Great for workspace lobbies and employee events.

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Surface Pro

Great for more secure and kiosk based check-ins.


Mobile Smartphone

Great for mobile events, check-ins, and validation of event bar-codes.

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