1) Question: Is i-checkin a visitor management software platform?

Answer: i-checkin is a flexible event access and management software platform that can be used by an organization’s workplace and security team to manage visitor and guest access, registrations, document signing, badge-printing , and notifications. However, i-checkin is far more than a platform used for visitor management. It can also be used to enable broader internal and external event based check-in use cases and used by the organization’s workplace event team. Examples include employee, guest and company check-ins and events, conferences, exhibits/trade-shows, and training.

2) Question: What check-in modes are supported?

Answer: Currently two check-in modes are supported, Attendant and Kiosk modes. The Attendant mode provides the user (either a security officer, receptionist, or instructor) guided workflows and management of check-ins. Kiosk modes provide self-service workflows where there is no attendant present.

3) Question: Can visitors be pre-registered?

Answer: Yes, visitors can be pre-registered as part of a simple management workflow by the security team or the employee. For employee events, registrations can be done via self-service directly from a web-client or mobile portal.

4) Question: What data collection methods do you support?

Answer: Several data collection methods are supported, including email, driver licenses (US all 50 states and Canada)/IDs/passports, physical badge IDs or QR codes from a mobile device.

5) Question: Does the platform use the cloud for data-hosting?

Answer: In order to support a “check-in anywhere” concept for broad usage across many locations and event types, i-checkin works offline and synchronizes with either a cloud or self-hosted infrastructure. This is very different than many visitor management systems today.

6) Question: What badge ID printers are supported?

Answer: i-checkin supports Brothers, Zebra, Dymo and HID printers.

7) Question: Can I use my company branding and colors on home screen of the platform when greeting visitors and guests?

Answer: Yes, i-checkin provides a customized option to include a company logo and branding colors on the home screen to create a better impression when greeting visitors and guests.

8) Question: Can i-checkin print unique ID badge types?

Answer: Yes, several different unique badge types can be created including visitors, guests, vendors, and contractors. Each badge types is printed with a different color code corresponding to the target user (customer defined).

9) Question: Can I create an alert for unwanted visitors or guests?

Answer: Yes, Be-On-The-Lookout (BOLO) lists can be created and implemented by i-checkin to prevent unwanted visitors or guests from checking in.

10) Question: Can visitor reports be generated?

Answer: i-checkin provides several methods to provide check-in data insights to users. First, administrators can view global activity at each check-in location and provide graphical and analytical dashboards displaying data such as #of check-ins for each user type (visitor, guest, vendor, etc.) , date/time and location of event and any BOLO entries. Second, i-checkin provides direct access to customer owned check-in data to enable organizations to use their third-party tools to run analytics on the check-in source data.

11) Question: How is private data protected?

Answer: Private data is protected by robust encryption in–transit and at rest using Symmetric key encryption, AES-256 bit, SSL and BitLocker drive encryption.

12) Question: Who owns the encryption keys for data access?

Answer: With i-checkin, customers own the keys for data access. This allows them to have full control of their own data and reduces risk of third parties with privileged access and being a potential source of insider data theft.

13) Question: How are you supporting GDPR and the emerging CCPA standards for data privacy?

Answer: With the introduction of GDPR, if the visitor/guest wants their personal identifiable data deleted, the responsibility is on the business/organization to act on the request. Notably names, email addresses, contact numbers and birthdates and legally binding NDAs must be adhered to as part of a check-in workflow. With i-checkin, personal identifiable data can be searched and removed as part of a self-service workflow in platform. The user/visitor (Kiosk Mode) can choose to delete the data. Additional factor authentication is invoked using email or cell phone in conjunction with a drivers license or ID.

14) Question: What types of personal identifiable types of information do you store in the platform?

Answer: In order to meet certain company data privacy and compliance requirements, i-checkin provides administrators several different options for storing various personal identifiable information. For example, i-checkin will only store first and last name if required, and dervice a hash value of other personal identifiable information.

15) Question: Do you support Active Directory groups for host notifications?

Answer: Yes, i-checkin utilizes Active Directory for managing groups and users for both role based access control as well as synchronizing host (employee) accounts.

16) Question: Do you provide access control integration?

Answer: Yes, access control integration is available via Add-on Packs to synchronize employees to the i-checkin platform.

17) Question: How scalable is your platform in terms of the # of data entries for visitors, guests and employees?

Answer: i-checkin as been tested to support over 1M users (employees and visitors) with no single point of failure.

18) Question: What types of payment plans do you offer?

Answer: We offer both perpetual license (for indefinite use) and software subscription plans (monthly/yearly).

19) Question: Since you are startup, what reassurance do I have after we make our initial investment of software that we can continue using the platform with no risk.

Answer: With i-checkin, a purchase of a perpetual license does not terminate and a software escrow can be created and maintained to ensure your investment is well protected. In this case, the customer would retain the source code.

20) Question: How can I obtain support?

Answer: Software licenses (perpetual and subscription based) include access to the i-checkin support web portal for up to two contacts per company. Additional support including phone support can be obtained through a support agreement.