Redefine Your Company's Vistor and Event Check-In Experience with i-checkin!


We provide a unique software defined solution for your visitor and workspace event check-in needs.

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i-checkin enables organizations to quickly build and manage a secure and flexible workplace check-in solution for lobbies, construction sites, classrooms, employee and guest events, and many other locations.

Quickly & Seamlessly Automate Operations

Support multiple users and groups including visitors, vendors, employees, and contractors. Includes simple and streamlined check-in event workflows. Software defined administration and global visibility.

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Flexible Enterprise Infrastructure

No manual data entry required when authenticating users. Enable on-demand hybrid data access from either cloud or self-hosted infrastructure. Supports multiple device and O/S types and customized sign-ins.

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Enterprise Grade Security & Privacy

Feel at ease your private data is protected with Enterprise encryption and authentication. Includes role-based access supporting many user types. Achieve compliance and governance.

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Find out how i-check redefines the check-in experience by providing a more secure and flexible way to manage access to workspaces and events for visitors, vendors, employees, and guests.