Return to Work Health Attestation and Check-In Post Covid-19!


We provide a unique software-defined touch and touchless solution for your visitor, workers, and workspace event check-in needs.  Need health attestations daily for Covid-19 Return to Work compliance, not a problem!  Need to limit the number of workers that return to work, while excluding essential workers?  Not a problem!  i-checkin supports providing workers and guests with health attestations, NDA, and Privacy Notices to ensure you meet your compliance needs.

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i-checkin enables organizations to quickly build and manage a secure and flexible workplace check-in solution for lobbies, construction sites, classrooms, employee and guest events, and many other locations.  i-checkin also simplifies the use of health attestations and regulatory compliance by allowing you to define what the worker or visitor receives via Email as well as storing a digital encrypted copy.

Quickly & Seamlessly Automate Operations

Support multiple users and groups including visitors, vendors, employees, and contractors. Includes simple and streamlined check-in event workflows. Software defined administration and global visibility.

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Flexible Enterprise Infrastructure

No manual data entry required when authenticating users. Enable on-demand hybrid data access from either cloud or self-hosted infrastructure. Supports multiple device and O/S types and customized sign-ins.

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Enterprise Grade Security & Privacy

Feel at ease your private data is protected with Enterprise encryption and authentication. Includes role-based access supporting many user types. Achieve compliance and governance.

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Find out how i-check redefines the post Covid-19 workplace through a near touchless check-in experience by providing a more secure and flexible way to manage access to workspaces and events for visitors, vendors, employees, and guests.  All while enabling encrypted storage of required legal and government compliance documents post Covid-19.